5 Secret Tricks to Boost eMail Marketing CTR – Do You Use?

By | January 26, 2015
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Do you know sometimes business owners come up with situations where it’s close to impossible to stand out? Yes, that’s true. With that said, let’s imagine when people receive several emails a day, how you’ll make your email be opened and even clicked? Though it’s difficult, but if you apply these secret email marketing tips then you’ll increase your CTR up to noticeable degree.

Tactic 1: Optimizing Subject Line

Subject lines are the very first object, that you’ll subscriber will take a look at. You can say it’s one of the defining email marketing parts, simply put, it lets a person decide finally whether to open that email or not. With that said, your subject line must be:

  • Attractive
  • Informative
  • Compelling

Ex: For example, you may write something in the form of a numbered list, such as 20 Most Beautiful Women in the World. Now it’s a chance that most of the people would click, because everyone loves the beauty.

Moreover, Adam Franklin of BlueWireMediatalks about marketing experiments on two separate posts on his blog, I’d recommend you read these resources that explain Best email marketing strategy to get people click and few other email marketing tips to get people open up your emails.

Tactic 2: Best Email Marketing Recipe

If you’re doing an email marketing campaign, then it’s sure you’ve an email list handy. Make sure these emails are active, and also make sure the people you’re going to outreach, are related to your industry. Both of you should have similar interests.

It’d be the best approach to first understand your subscribers/customers’ interests. Sum up those interests in few valuable phrases, and then include those phrases in your subject headlines.

Ex: It makes sense as well, if I do often purchase items from eBay, then of course I’d love to receive discount coupons that will save me a lot of money.

Tactic 3: Less is more, Believe or not

Experiments and best practices reveal that too lengthy emails are often ignored by users. If you’ve to write something detailed, then it’s best to either write it in a readily scan-able format by using headings, short paragraphs, bullets and numberings etc.

But it’s best to keep your email body as short as possible. What you do, must look natural and sensible. Combat this issue by placing the best part of your article or promotional content at the front, so that if readers would like, they’ll proceed and if they don’t proceed, still you’ve presented the “meat” of your campaign.

Tactic 4: Personalize Your Emails

You can multiply the email Click Through Rate by adding some personalized elements within content.

Ex: For example if you know the history of your customers/readers how they purchased, when they purchased and what they purchased. By giving a touch going back to previous engagements with your followers can give a strong personal impact. But don’t overdo that, as excess of everything is bad.

Tactic 5: Remove Hurdles in Sales Journey

While building landing pages, it’s always recommended to remove distractions so that the customers stick to the subject matter by removing the outgoing links and menus. In the same way, we should adopt such strategy by removing distractions from email content that can be potential hurdles to successfully complete the email marketing goals.

PS: You should add a direct link to what you want customers to see, and if it can be accomplished using a powerful call to action, then you’ll rock.


Once you fix every issue within your email marketing strategies, then I’d recommend you keep a strict eye over your traffic, source and medium and finally the goals. For this, Google Analytics is the best place to gather all customer data. Here are my favorite 5 top Google Analytics Reports that you should use for your campaigns as well.


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Hi readers, I’m Megan, a dedicated writer specializing in writing for Technical and related topics. If you love my articles and have some questions or need any sort of help, feel free to ask in comments below.
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Hi readers, I’m Megan, a dedicated writer specializing in writing for Technical and related topics. If you love my articles and have some questions or need any sort of help, feel free to ask in comments below.