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Uber’s latest idea to deliver puppies makes dog lovers more delightful

Uber one of the largest ride-sharing services is much helpful for the travelers in various ways. It has brought many new advanced features to make the travelers more enthusiastic. The technology is going far-flung and Uber brings a lot of new ideas ranging from helicopter rides to the in-car entertainment. In addition to this, Uber has announced that it is going to deliver puppies and chicken wings to the people’s doorway.

With regards to the celebration of the super bowl taking place on this Sunday, Uber will be offering an exclusive selection of services through the week. Among all, one of these will be to deliver puppies to people’s doorstep throughout Wednesday. The company of Uber is going to partner with Animal Planet, the SF SPCA, Peninsula Humane Society, and Berkeley Humane Society.



Offering sheltered puppies as human toys have lifted a few questions over animal welfare, but it’s better to know that these puppies will get at least some shelter during their visits. These puppies will be made to visit cities such as Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, and orange city.

Delivery of Chicken Wings

There are also other services such as delivery of chicken wings, and it will be taken back to the desired location for a game of flag football with quarter bag legends like Trent Dilfer and Joe Montana. Uber also takes some necessary steps to team up with EA to establish video games in select Uber pools.

Mostly, the services will be limited to San Francisco and everything will be made available in the United States of America.

Pets at workplace provide welfare for Dogs and humans

In Australian offices, the pet-friendly policies have made it less uncommon to work along with the pet animals with firms using them to boost their self-esteem and confidence when there undergoes stress. In companies around the country, many people have been sharing their workspaces with some unbelievable fellow workers where Sydney Real state Gunning Commercial is one of those.

The company includes Meatball which is one of the large French bulldogs. It also has Floyd, which is the precocious fox terrier, Cooper across Labrador, and also bull terrier, says the principal of the business Malcolm Gunning.

Malcolm says that he has been running pet-friendly offices for the past twenty years. He explained that having pet dogs in the office helps them to boost morale when people undergo stress at some point in time. It also helps in creating a balanced environment which makes it much comfortable to the office workers. Works such as real estate is really nerve-racking as it deals with large assets and mostly it’s not straight forwarded one.

Dogs help in reducing stress

But when dogs are made into the environment it provides an appealing effect that helps to reduce stress to the individual workman. The dogs have become so much in a part of the team that they even go to office meetings. Like we people react in the office, and if we come together to meet, the dogs will actually step to the meeting table inside the office.

They see that is possibly right to be a part of that meeting. Gunning said that when there are no meetings, the three dogs spend most of their day to roaming around and trying to find desiderate bright spots in the office to rest in. Gunning’s commercial director Daniel Gunning who is the owner of Cooper and Floyd says that they both sit in the back seat and get a luxurious ride to work. Even though it is funny to explain, they are so much pretty in playing with us.

They usually get ready to the office for work by themselves while we are getting ready. Cooper and Floyd joined in the office by Meatball. Meatball’s owner William Gunning, who is the director of sales and leasing, explains in a speech that his pet is loyal. He was not always as big and large as he was, but in his general statement, he says that it’s great. It also has the ability to judge who is right and who is wrong and loyal to others.


Dogs are helpful in office environment

Having a dog in the office environment not only helped the workers but meant the pets were not left alone all the day. It’s like the best companion to the humans coming to work with us every day. One of the people who are benefited by this service says that he lives in an apartment and it’s not good to leave him at home. People should allow them to watch games such as football and the Golf. Also making him appear into the workplace makes dogs have interaction with the people. Dogs will be safe at workplace even if we let him stay from morning till the whole night.

Dogs are afforded from the tasks that come with working in an office. It is much important for the team members so I think that it is one of the best things that they have ever done. When Floyd first started coming, the office which we are in now was very new to them. There were only two persons in the office and so it was for a bit of company. Since it was new to the business they planned to break up the mental pressure. Even going forward with engaging people, it is a good test of character.

People always say that dogs are much faithful to the human and they can even identify the good and people in its surroundings. Every people make a cute smile when dogs arrive. Some people are very much fond of dogs and they cannot even live without dogs. Other companies like Vet Shop Australia which is a Queensland based pet company also let the employees bring their pets to the workplace.

The firm’s founder and director Dr. Steven Perissinotto, says that there were frequently there to four dogs in the office along with his two spaniels. Each and everyone seem to be a bit happier and it gets smiles when dogs arrive around and gives you a snuff. We can make sure that dogs can lower the stress a level when things are not functioning well, people takes the dog out for a walk. These dogs are helpful in lifting the emotions but it reminds us of what is good and bad.

Malcolm acknowledges that having dogs around the workplace can put things easy on a troublesome way which reduces stress in the company. People can walk in from a bit of annoying meeting and the dogs walk to the door while you come up from the car park dogs even comes out to greet you. Even they come out with a smile, bobbing their tails or come up to say hello. So, life is not that much bad as soon as when you get brought back down to the earth.

Since dogs have a good understanding of humans that goes beyond thousands of years. Many scientists have explored that this special relationship between dogs and humans from different angles and they got a beautiful result. The secret that why dogs are best friends to humans lay in their genes and so the relationship between dogs and humans are overwhelming.

Author Bio :-

Anand Rajendran is an Innovative entrepreneur and has a lot to say about innovations in all aspects of digital technology and online marketing. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zoplay where he has implemented many uber for x ideas with his uber for x scripts.

Fly with the Ridesharing Giant as the Future is Near

The online transportation company is planning to expand their transportation service to the next level by experimenting in the other fields of transportation. Sources close to the company reported that the ridesharing company will soon start a network called the Elevate, which is a fully electric aircraft on demand service that will vertically take off and land the aircraft.


Flying is the next step

The idea does not seem to be impossible; the ridesharing giant wants to use the short rage flying cars with the electric power that can take off and land vertically and it is similar to the Uber rides that are available at the ground level. The flying cars were once a dream, but with the initiation of the project, it will soon become a real time experience. However, there were many companies that tried to introduce the flying car technology, but all the plans have failed. But this plan is similar to the idea of self driving cars launched by the ridesharing company.

Many automakers and the technological companies have worked hard to build a self driving car, but the ridesharing giant was the first company to set up a station at Pittsburgh call the Uber’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) that is the center were the self driving cars were designed and built by the professors and students of the Carnegie Mellon University. The researchers and the professors specialized in the robotics worked together in building the autonomous car.

The flying car project by Uber is a catalyst that will bring together the government and private parties together to resolve the issues related to the infrastructure, technical and regulatory factors including the traffic congestion, aircraft certificate and battery density. Once when the ridesharing company launches the project, they can easily take care of the rest of the things like the enrollment of the pilots, connect them with the large passenger base, collect the fares and advise the routes and other factors required for the flying car project.

Building the car is not that hard

The designing and building of the flying car is not a difficult task, the car sharing company has a hope that the marketplace will be loaded with a fully built electric planes that can take off and land vertically and fly with the speed of 150 mph by crossing one hundred miles with multiple passengers in the plane.

The aviation experts also agree with the expectation of the ridesharing company and stated that the timeline seems to be agreeable because the Airbus and Boeing have already introduced the composite material, lightweight commercial aviation using the fly by wire system. Also the drones have proved to various software that can make the concept of flying in a multi propeller plane as easy as operating the mobile devices. The electric cars and the computers have put forth the battery technology in the forward direction and the Department of Energy in the United States is spending millions and millions of dollars in the battery technology and is accelerating various researches based on it.

The battery technology has a secret range called the aluminum air; it uses the oxygen naturally present in the air and fills the cathode. This makes it lighter than the liquid filled lithium ion batteries that give the vehicle even more greater range. The ridesharing company will operate with a tilt rotor aircraft with fixed wings that take off from the helipad instead of the space runways and swing its propellers in the forward direction for an effective flight level to a few thousand feet high up in the air.

The battery power has the capacity of running with one hundred and fifty passenger jets, but it might be working well for the lighter and slower flights. And since each of the propellers lifts up more number of weights, the electric propulsion has a weight away and also has the complexity of the rotors that are linked to the rotors. The main advantage of using the small little rotors in the aircraft instead of a single big rotor that is present in the traditional helicopter is that it reduces the noise that comes from the rotor.

The car sharing company is not alone in this project, it has many potential partners working with them, and it was only last year that the NASA flew the GL- 10, Greased Lightning with ten motors for the first time. And Joby Aviation, the California based company plans to have 2 seats with twelve motors and a fully electric VTOL cabs in process within a duration of five years. The eVolo of the Germany said that the Volocopter has eighteen whooping propellers that will be ready for operation in the market by 2018 and the Pentagon is investing eighty nine million dollars in the Aurora Flight Science’s LightningStrike. It is the high powered VTOL that replicates a big harmonic chasing the small harmonica. Similarly there are many possibilities that can happen in the flying industry with the help for the growing technology.

Flying cars are at its large stretch

According to the current situation, the agency does not have a complete framework that can certify the commercial electric aircrafts and it has not even certified the VTOL civilian plane through the AW609 AgustaWestland civil tilt rotor and the Bell’s 525 helicopter. The FAA will not be surprised by the semi automatic planes that are whipping the human bro-grammers through the SFO glide path. The navigation system that is available in the present technology is way lesser that the expectation and demands of the aircraft industry, like the controlling of multiple propellers simultaneously.

However, the FAA has allowed the private market to design rules that manage the new type of aircrafts that it will later tweak and approve. Because this is the same way in which the FAA built the Light Sport Aircraft class that is escorted in the new design that is similar to the Icon stall- resistant, folding in A5. The semi autonomous and electric propulsion software is the basic fundamental in the making of the viable and safe planes. There are chances for the FAA to get along with it, but it might take some time to conceive the novel topic in the flying industry.

Next generation in the flying sector

When the FAA and the NASA implements the long awaited new technology in the air traffic control system, then the ridesharing company is in the right path and there are chances for the company to buy the aircrafts and higher pilots to fly the next generation aircrafts or they will even partner with the manufactures who are the giants in the market that can combine with the car sharing company that will connect with the larger customer base and advises routes.

Regarding the flying cars, the ridesharing giant said that they have the potential to improve the urban mobility that offers the people more time that they have lost in their day to day commuting life. The spokesperson of the ridesharing company said that, like the skyscrapers allowed in the urban cities that uses the limited land and provides more efficiency, and the urban transportation will make use of the 3-D airspace to uplift the transportation congestion on the ground. This flying car will become a game changing technology in the future.

Author  Bio :-

Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Dectar apps, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Dectar is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is Developing Taxi Dispatch Software. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development. Cabily Script is a clone of Uber, which developed by the tech gigs of his company.

All new update to update you’re Whatsapp Status

This particular application has taken texting messages to a completely different level with a new dimension. In the past, we were able to send limited text messages to our near our dear ones with the normal messaging from our network providers. Since the time Whatsapp has come into the existence, it has taken the complete texting of messages to a brand new world with more possibilities.


Whatsapp is medium now for millions of people to be able to send innumerable messages to their dear and near ones. It is not limited to the people from the same country, but we can have a conversation over cross countries as well. The only thing we really need to be able to use the app for texting purposes is the internet connection.

It is not only that we can send and receive text messages, but there are lot more other things which we can do in the app. Most of the people are really happy and glad that they were able to find an app of this kind. It is really a good thing that, people can have endless conversations with each other. There are many features in the app which are pretty interesting and amazing as well.

Every single app in the Play store always has some kind of update to it and the app is upgraded with added features. It is hard for the tech geeks to make sure that the user stays on the app. They do not want the user to stop using the app at any given moment; in fact, it is the last thing on their minds. So, they keep creating something new for the app and release the updated version.

Whatsapp has seen a tremendous amount of changes over the period of time. In the beginning, it was just about texting and sharing pictures and audios. Later on, there were other features which got added to the app and it is pretty amazing to see the way the features work in the app. From being just a normal chat app, the app has done great amongst the people, with its added features.

Now, the app has many features, like sharing the location, if someone is finding hard to get to your location. All we need to do is share our location with the person who needs to reach our location, as simple as that. We can not only share pictures and audios but also videos as well. There was a recent update to the videos which get shared with other contacts.

In the past, we need to download the video to be able to watch it, but it is not same anymore. We can stream the video directly without waiting for it to be downloaded; this helps us to save time as well. Now, there is no requirement to have a network to make a call to some, if there two parties have an internet connection and they can make calls through the app.

We have our near and dear ones live in far off countries and always wish to get a glimpse of them. Whatsapp has taken this factor into account and bought in another update for its users. The video calling option, now we can not only make a normal voice call but also a video call. By this, we will be able to see our loved ones and feel glad that we were able to see them and talk to them.

There are two elements in the app which most of the users are very much interested. They are the only things which they keep updating often and it is the display picture (profile picture) and the Status. Most of us have the tendency to keep changing these two things often in our Whatsapp. We want our friends to check out our pictures and status, and give comments on it.

Most of us are aware of changing the display picture and status now and then. It is a fact that there only a few of us actually do respond to the change in the display picture or the status. The tech geeks at Whatsapp who keep working on a new kind of update, have decided to bring in a new kind of update for the app. The update which is at present available in the beta version of the app and will be launched as a normal update for the regular users.

It is the receiving replies for the status which is updated by the user and the app now looks different with the features. At present, the app has three different tabs, where it has chats, calls, and contacts. But, the tabs have been changed with different options as in the camera icon for the status update, chats, status tab, and calls. The camera icon will enable us to be able to update the status with a picture.

The tab which has the status is where we will be able to check the status updates of our family and friends. It will display all the status updates which have been made by our contacts. The status update will be displayed only for 24 hours and after that, it will get disappeared. In simple means, we will be able to update the status once in every 24 hours.

Once we tap to check on someone’s status, the next updates will load automatically. So, there is no requirement to tap on each contact or status update to read through it and give a reply to it. If we reply to the status, it will be sent to the chat window of the particular user. Apart from that, if there is a status update from any of your friends, you will receive a notification.

There is an added feature along with the status update, we can even specify with whom we would like to share it. There are three different options under the status privacy option, where it says, “My contacts”, “My contacts except” and “Only with”. So, this will help us to keep our status available to the contacts with whom we would like to get it shared with.

It is one of the options which are already available in the app, we have the option to mute the chats, be it single chat window or a group chat window. But, now there is an option where we can mute the notification of the status update as well. We can enable or disable this option for the users in specific as well from the contact list like we do it for the chats.

Apart from muting the notifications, we will also be able to check which contacts are under the mute list of the notification. So, if by any chance we want to un-mute the particular user, we will be able to do so as well. The recently updated status of the users will be displayed at the top of the list under the status tab and later the older ones will be displayed.

One fact which should not forget is that these status updates keep disappearing in every 24 hours. So, the beta version of the app is out for the beta users to try out and we can anticipate that this version of the app will be soon launched on a full scale, after the success with the beta version. Folks, now we can wait for the most awaited update of Whatsapp to update our status.

Author Bio :-

Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dectar a well known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Scimbo – Whatsapp Clone Script. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

10 Best Tips for WordPress Beginners

For those who want to start an ecommerce site, WordPress (WP) is an excellent tool for launching your new startup. WordPress is an open source program for creating websites using the PHP. It is one of the easiest preferences for creating blog site or website.

WordPress initially started as a simple blogging platform, but currently it is enriched a lot of widgets and plugins that can add a lot of different features to your website. These widgets and plugins can be easily installed and they can also be modified per your requirements.

WordPress offers endless different themes and a huge range of designs for your site. Some of these themes are paid while some free. WordPress is not very difficult to use, but for those who are new to this platform here are some tips.

WordPress Installation

When you are creating a WordPress website, you shouldn’t use the WordPress folder that shows up in the URL or you will end up with a URL like “”. In such a case, you should install in the main directory of your laptop or you should make use of a subdomain.

Choosing A Niche

If you want to earn money with your blogging, it is important to choose one single niche to focus on. Choose something you have a passion for, it will make adding content easier.

Domain Name

The next step is choosing a domain name. Make sure you include some keywords related to your niche in the domain. This will make it easier to rank in Google searches for those keywords.

Plugin Overload

Plugins can make your website worth visiting. Plugins can do a lot from changing the size of the font to color schemes, along with sharing them on different social media platforms. Although these are really good tools one should not overuse them. Installing too many plugins can make your web site really slow. If you notice any issues with your website after installing the new plugin, deactivate it instantly and try to fix the issue.

Pages And Posts

Pages and post are two different things. The content of the pages are fixed in the HTML code. But the posts can be dynamic. Visitors can interact with the post content as it is changeable. The page content must be static, and the page names can be like About Us, Terms, Home etc., but the posts should be articles or blogs on different topics.

Keep A Backup

Losing the data on the website is a common occurrence. To avoid this glitch, make sure to back up your WP website on a daily basis. Some hosts provide a 24-hour backup if anything happens to your website, but you may not be able to retrieve it all, so don’t forget to regularly keep a backup of your website. There different plugins that can do this task for you.


There are a lot of settings available in WordPress, but one of the most important are Permalinks. When in WordPress look under setting for permalinks and change it to custom with /%postname%/ in the field and then click save.

Make Use Of Images

Use good quality images on your posts as well as on your page content. This can elevate your conversion rate drastically. The use of relevant images that complement the text is better. Make sure that you follow copyright laws when using free images also add alternate text with all your images. This will help in ranking your site higher in the search engine results.

Pick A Theme

The theme is the visual features that represents your site. Don’t take selecting the theme lightly. The design and layout of the website should be based on the theme. Make sure that your selected theme properly exhibits what your business is about. Once all this work is done on the website, changing the theme is not easy, so take time in researching and selecting the right theme for your website.

Social Sharing

Social media is an important part of your website. There are several plugin options that are for the social sharing that will let your visitors to easily share the content on your social pages. Make use of these plugins on you website but be certain that you are using the latest version.

These advices can help beginner WordPress users. If you follow these advices properly your website will be on the way to success. Choosing the right web hosting service provider is also quite essential for the WordPress beginners. So if you don’t select the right web hosting service provider then your website might face many interruptions. So it is highly recommended that when you do select one make sure you read their reviews first.






Free and Easy Ways to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn


First, it needs to be explained what actually “personal brand” is. Personal brand refers to a name that’s your recognition, and people know you with that name, work, and brand. This is a brand that lets you get connected and be familiar with the people and let them be your consumers by providing them what they expect. Here in this post, we will be guiding our readers and social media marketers that how they can use LinkedIn to start their own brand and lead to its success.

Be Genuine

When it comes to online businesses, what matters is your identification and to be called unique. Bring something new to your work that the consumers find quite real, attractive and this authenticity will become your brand. When you are authentic with your users, you get recognition in no time.

Have a Creative Profile

It should be in knowledge of the social media brand marketers that your profile is what attracts the users. Be creative when you are writing first few lines of your profile and use the words that customers look forward and find attractive. A simple, confident and attractive profile with selective content lines will work effectively.

Don’t Use Clichés

If you visit official pages of different brands, you will find many brands using the same words like ‘extensive,’ ‘creative’ etc. and these words don’t give a positive gesture when found common in multiple brands. Being unique and fussy in your words will be useful for your brand, marketing and success of the business as well.

Be Visible

Come up with something lets you stand on top and compel the readers and consumers to visit your brand. Here being visible means that your LinkedIn page must be very attractive and comprise of the content that customers find useful to them. Visibility will increase exposure of your brand.

Build Your Network

Customers and the big brands judge you by the company and affiliates you are connected with. Keeping some good names in your network list will be meaningful in adding savory to the taste. It can include connecting with colleagues, friends and other relevant professionals as well.

Spread in Groups

Obviously, there are thousands of LinkedIn groups where you can share your products and market over there. Choosing relevant groups with the most organic traffic and audience will go a long way. Not only will this be favorable for the brand and sales but it will build your knowledge of the market trends and how to stand on top in the competitive markets.

Be Consistent

Here consistency refers to the coherence and same thoughts everywhere. When you have a LinkedIn account, use the same practices, thoughts and messages on all social media networks, your resume, brand and others as well. This will be effective in delivering a more positive and purposeful message towards the marketers and customers.

Be Generous in Giving

The successful people always prove handy in helping others. Such business tycoons never hesitate when it comes to assisting their partners and consumers. Thus being generous in giving, helping and sharing what you are recommended to build your brand on social networking sites.

Final Words

Social media is nowadays an important component of marketing and promoting products. Many brands are active on different social networking platforms, and LinkedIn is one of them. It’s not that much difficult to set up a successful and confident brand on LinkedIn but for that few things should be considered seriously, and their integration into your marketing policies will go beyond the expectation by bringing desired outcomes.

Author Bio:

Elizbeth is a senior write and blogger with bunch of new ideas. Currently she is working on tech related issue and latest news heck her latest work on text message monitoring app. Follow her in twitter @elizbethsewell6

Give Your Relationship a New Cozy Touch with TheOneSpy – Infographic

With the development of dating apps in the last few years or so, it has become easier for people to find a date through a dating site than to wait for a friend to hook them up with someone eligible from the circle of friends they already know.
Furthermore, it is also a lot easier for them to simply just choose someone of their liking on a dating site like tinder rather than going out to a public gathering like a party, a concert or even a game and wait for the girl sitting in the fourth seat on the left. It has, unfortunately, also become quite easier for your partner to cheat on you using the fore mentioned dating apps since you, as a person in a relationship wouldn’t venture down the halls of online which holds no interest for them any more having an extra marital affair isn’t quite on their to-do list.
In times like these, one needs his or her support system more so they can ever know and they could very easily find unrelenting support and care in the TheOneSpy, a reliable spy app that promises to save relationships. Not only is it one of the safest spy apps in the market, but it is also completely geared to fulfill all of your spy app needs, especially if you need to catch your partner red-handed. So what are you waiting for? Just make a purchase on the most reliable spy app in history to set free the doubts you have about your relationship once and for all. Without any doubt, TheOneSpy is the ultimate way to spice up your married life by getting rid of all your doubts.

Give Your Relationship a New Cozy Touch with TheOneSpy – Infographic

Inofgraphic Source: TheOneSpy Monitoring App

How to Bypass Social Media Dangers for Kids?

Keeping teens away from addiction of social media is inevitable in the light of our reserach and infographic presentation. The data reveals how teens are getting their hands seriously on social media apps and receiving harmful impacts with every passing day. We can’t cut our teens’ fingers by not letting them go on to these social media forums but we can come up with reasonable and protective measures to spare kids from them. Parents can play the biggest role by educating them and employing monitoring software to spy and monitor their teens all the time around the clock. Through these apps, not only will your teens be kept away from social media but would be secure as well.

How to Bypass Social Media Dangers for Kids?

How to Bypass Social Media Dangers for Kids?

Infographic Source: TheOneSpy

Common features to look for in a spying application

With so many fancy features being offered by spying applications today, customers usually get confused about which features to look out for and which features to ignore when going to buy spying software. Not every feature that is bei9ng offered will be of any use for you therefore it is important that you initially make a list of all your needs and wants and then adequately search for the features that fit this list. However, after thoroughly analyzing many customer reviews, our team of analysts has generated a list of common features that are a must to have when you go to buy a spying application.

Multimedia extraction

Any spying application like; TheOneSpy App that is unable to adequately extract multimedia from any gadgets that it has been downloaded on is not worth spending money on. While text messages and emails can be encrypted, pictures and videos can never lie. Whether you are buying a spying application to keep an eye on your children, spouses or employees, in either case you need a strong monitoring application that can extract various multimedia from their gadgets and save it on to an online cloud. Think of this as hard evidence that is essential especially when you are building a case.

Tracking location

This feature works well especially in the cases of teenagers and allegedly cheating spouses. Some may also use it for employees that are in the courier services. In either case, the need for tracking locations has phenomenally increased in the past few years. Working parents are now less worried about their children’s whereabouts since they can remotely check on their location at any time. They can also save some location markers that will send you notifications accordingly in-case your kid leaves the specified region. With online GPS features, now tracking locations has become very easy and works very well with courier services especially when you want to track your order.

Downloading web histories

While employees and children can be smart at deleting web histories, with a monitoring application everything surfed on the internet is automatically copied on an online cloud. This means, even if the web histories get deleted from the laptops, tablets or cell phones, they can still be accessed by the monitoring application’s owner over an online cloud. In case of children this feature works specifically well, as parents can keep an eye out on their recent interests. With employees, employers can check whether the office server is being misused or not.

Monitoring social media and Email

Social media has become the latest hub for teenagers to connect and share important life events and personal details with the rest of the world. However, what these teenagers don’t really understand is that sharing too much information can become harmful as this information can be misused and exploited if gotten in the wrong hands. Therefore, with monitoring applications, parents don’t have to worry about this anymore as the application allows parents to easily access their kids’ social media sites and see what they are up to and then guide them accordingly.

In case of Emails, employers can check for any important information that maybe leaked from the company. By keeping track of the emails that are received and sent out, employers can protect their company’s important data.

Spying on calls and messages

Cheating spouses’ maybe texting and calling their lovers behind your back. And while they might think you don’t know, they are definitely mistaken. While that feeling in your gut maybe indicating that there is something fishy going on behind your back, to gather concrete evidence, spying applications can be used. Through these you can easily pin point any conversations that go on and for evidence sake gets saved on an online cloud as well. Now when you confront your cheating spouse, you can easily penalize them with concrete evidence which is also permissible in court in case you are looking for a divorce.


While you will most definitely be overwhelmed by the amount of spying applications found on the internet, it is always a good idea to be prepared and have your mind made up before you start surfing for the one that fits your needs perfectly. You can also take help from customer reviews as they tend to paint a pretty decent picture about various applications. However, this usually comes after you have shortlisted some monitoring applications already.

How Google Monitors Every Move You Make

In this day and age, when there is quite a lot of applications and softwares available to ensure your privacy, your data is still not “private”. Yes, the tech giant GOOGLE has access to anything that you have stored on your google drives or downloaded from google chrome. You might think that you are the only one with access to your very own personal data but in reality you have a secret partner as well who keeps an eye on your data. While you search for anything on your google browser, it gives you certain related suggestions and as soon as you open any one of those or even if you write your own query, information goes to the google servers before the results are displayed on your screen. In case if you are using more than one browser, there are certain bookmarks and other documents that are synchronized between the browsers and with the google servers as well. In this way all of you are unknowingly sharing your browsing data with google, even if you delete all your browsing history once you are done.  Thus one can say that all the private data of a person is actually not so private.

How Google Monitors Every Move You Make

Infographic source: TheOneSpy