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Impacts and Support of Information Technology in the New Generation

The impact of information technology is seen every field in the modern era and the new generation is vastly influenced by information technology. In the present day, innovations in information technology are having extensive effects across many spheres of society. The new generation is doing business via modern technology and communicating with others through modern technologies. The younger generation cannot imagine a day without technology since their everyday activities are connected with advanced technologies. When we look at the new generation and the future generations, we can recognize that society is not going to get away from the influence of technology because it has already become their main communication technique.

IT as A Skill

For the new generation, IT has become a skill that is essential for them to possess. Today, IT offers a lot of job opportunities for the new generation and several companies at the present have IT departments for dealing with the computers, networks, and other technical domains of their business. Today, people not only require traditional skills of organizing, thinking, writing etc but also should know how to use the IT for researching sources, accessing information, connecting to experts, communicating ideas etc. IT jobs contain computer programming, technical support, network administration, computer engineering, Web development, and many other associated occupations. Hence, new generation professionals are required to possess IT skills in order to get a good job and excel in their job.

Information technology

Means for Entertainment

As for new generation, IT is an important tool for entertainment. Information technology is consisted of computers, networks, mobile and wireless devices, satellite communications, robotics, videotext, cable television, electronic mail, electronic games, and automated office equipment. Computers are not only used for office job but also for playing games, listen to music, watching movie and so on. Mobile phones have become a culture of new generation and they cannot imagine even a single second without mobile phones. Various tools of IT allow younger generation to pass the time and engage in amusing activities.

Making Friends and Relationships

Another great impact of information technology on the new generation is that it aids them to make friends and relationships. Social media networks let youths to get in touch with their friends, lovers, relatives and family by means of chatting and video calls. It also helps the people to make new friends and relationships.

IT for Moving Forward

A lot of people point out that present generation relies deeply on technology to live their lives. But the fact is that without IT, younger generation will struggle to move ahead as a society. It has influenced every field including education, economy, business, personal lives of people etc. In current world, IT is important for learning, making friends, having fun, and interacting with others for professional as well as personal purposes. IT is not new generation’s worst enemy but it stands as a means to move forward with ease.

Information technology


Today, new generation is focusing on carrying out their business through the use of IT. One of the most important results of the development of information technology is presumably electronic commerce over the Internet which is a latest means of carrying out business. IT has made it feasible for businessmen to do their business all over the globe. Today, people can start business anytime and from anywhere by way of IT. Today, doing business has become easier and more convenient for the new generation due to the progress of IT.

Understand Different Cultures

One of the most important impacts that it have on new generation is that it helps them to understand different cultures. IT has not only brought the world closer together but also guided people to understand appreciate other cultures. By means of IT, younger generation can bring more harmony in the society because younger generation can not only share information rapidly and resourcefully, but they can also put an end to obstructions of linguistic and geographic boundaries. Today, people are able to shares ideas, information and cultural aspects with utmost respect with each other.

Better Communication                                                                                                                                              

With the assistance of information technology, communication has turned into cheaper, quicker, and more professional. The way people communicate with each other has dramatically changed due to the enhancement of IT. The invention of computers, internet and mobile phones have taken communication to new level and more importantly, communication has become so undemanding. The internet is offering facilities of face to face communication from different regions of the world using video conferencing. Computers, mobile phones and other communication technologies let individuals to communicate with one another in ways balancing to customary face-to-face, telephonic, and written forms.

Information technology has a huge impact on new generation because it has changed the banking sector, modified education, the agricultural industry, the entertainment word, medicine field, business sphere and so on. Information technology has transformed every aspect of the society and after the origination; IT has come a long way to its present shape where it is playing a central role in new generation’s every sphere of life.