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10 Best Apps for Android TV

10 Best Apps for Android TV

Android TV

Android TV has been released a couple of years back, more precisely, we saw the first line-up of the Android TV in the year 2014. Since then the manufacturers and Android developers have come forward for taking the experience that we get on the smart TV to the next level. With almost an unlimited number of apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, you can enjoy pretty much everything you used to on your smartphones, but yes, on a bigger screen this time. Here is the list of the ten best apps that you can install on your Android Smart TV or an Android TV box that you’ve just installed on your conventional TV. Let us get started.



VLC is the most popular video player in the world and is only amongst a few that are compatible with the Android TV. Almost all the video file formats are compatible; you get pretty much all the basic controls in the player. There is also an option to stream something via some online sources, but a little bit of expertise is needed to be able to figure out how to do that. A simple Google Search will help you in that matter. Ability to display captions via .srt files is another unique feature of the app.

Download VLC



AllCast is an app that enables you to stream all the video from your phone to your Android TV via the Google Cast Support. The interface is pretty much decent and easy to use. You’ll be able to find the images, music, videos and what not. Make sure to try the app for free before you go ahead for purchasing.

Downlaod Allcast

Google Play Music


The Google Play Music is one of the most downloaded apps on the Android smartphones as of now. The Google Play Music offers a wide variety of features, being a media player it lets you play all sorts of songs. The app interface is neat, and you also get the basic functionality of a music app. Also, there are options that enable you to download and store music from the Goole Play Music store. You can also upload around 50,000 songs from your list so that they can be streamed to your Android TV.

Download Google Play Music

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Well, how can we forget this one? Yes, we get it! Some of you might be thinking, doesn’t this app comes pre-installed on Android devices? Well, in most of the devices Google Play Store comes pre-installed, but there are several manufacturers that have either their app stores like Amazon for instance. Android TV’s that don’t come pre-installed with the Google Play Store have the ability to sideload. Sideloading is easy, run a Google Search and find out how you can install Google Play Store on your Android TV.



Hulu is amongst one of the premiere streaming services available out there. The availability of TV shows makes it unique. The content availability has been improved over the time. The only downside is, you need to go for a subscription plan before you can enjoy the benefits of the app.

Download Hulu



Also known as XBMC, the developers have now renamed it as Kodi. It is a home screen replacement app made for the Android TV’s offering very limited functionality. The app interface is attractive and can keep all your media and apps in one place. The app interface can be navigated using the default remote that comes with the TV itself. All your locally available content will be available to you with Kodi.

Download Kodi

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

Just like any other file explorer app, ES File Explorer app does pretty much the same job of finding, saving, deleting and modifying the files on your Android TV. You can also use FTP, SFTP and even connect to the cloud services if you want. For rooted devices, it can also act as a best root file manager.

Download ES File Explorer

Google Drive

Google Drive

Well, if you have this habit of putting your files on a cloud storage like Google Drive then you can access these files on your Android TV now. The app interface is simple and unique and is similar to the one that we get on the Android smartphones. You can easily access all the cloud data in one go. Though there is no official version of Google Drive is not yet available now, but you can easily download and sideload the cracked version of the app on your Android TV. Take some help from the Google Search for that matter.

Download Google Drive



Netflix is one of the most popular videos streaming app as we all know. Almost all of us might have opted for a plan on their Netflix accounts for video streaming. It was one of the first Android TV apps and is there for a very long time now.

Download Netflix

Final words

With a tonne of apps available for the Android TV with more apps making it to the platform, it’ll be a great deal for you to upgrade to a smart TV if you haven’t been already. . To know more about Android TV apps, Visit appspolice. Do let us know about your favourite apps that you use on a daily basis on your Android TV.