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Different Types of Power Banks

Charging electronics are vital for everyday life and the main reason for that is because we have lots of devices that require charging. Devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops are just a few of the devices that we charge on a daily basis. Most of the time, we just use USB wall chargers to charge our devices and that makes sense, but USB chargers have flaws. The main flaw is that our devices must stay in single place to charge. Also, once we disconnect a smartphone or other devices, the threat of low battery still remains.

That is why power banks exist. Power banks are portable chargers that have power capacities and that’s what makes them portable. So you’re able to charge your smartphones anywhere you go. With that said, as popular as power banks have no become, there are now quite a lot of different portable chargers on the market. Since there are lots of companies that sell power banks.

As a result, it can be difficult to know what types of power banks are best for you to use. Which is why is this article, I’ll be going over the main types of power banks that are found to be the most useful.

Rugged Power banks

Rogged Power Banks

Most electronics are fragile, smartphones, for example, are not able to withstand falls onto the hard ground and when that does happen their screen shatters. Luckily we’re just getting to the point where smartphones are now becoming waterproof.

The same is true for power banks, as normal power banks are not shockproof and neither are they waterproof. However, there are Rugged power banks that are able to withstand conditions that normal ones are not able to. Rugged power banks have reinforcements and that allow them to be shockproof from falls onto the hard ground.

Most Rugged portable chargers are also waterproof, but it’s important to remember that not all Rugged power banks have the same waterproofing level as each other. One Rugged power bank may have an Enclosure level of IP65, which means that it can only withstand jets of water, but not be immersed. Then there are ones that have an Enclosure level of IP68, and that Enclosure level allows them to be immersed in water.

Even though Rugged power banks are marketed towards those that are always in the outdoors, these chargers are still very useful for everyday use. The reason for that is because dropping a power bank or getting water exposed to it are still prevalent in an everyday setting.

Built-in Cables

Buit-in Cables

Powe banks are one of those charging electronics that you’re always going to want to have a charging cable with. I mean, every charging electronic requires a charging cable, however, most of the time we just borrow our cables from USB wall chargers to use with power banks. That can be a problem because there are times that you could forget to bring your cable and just have your power bank. That basically results in having a useless piece of portable power.

That is why power banks with built-in cables exist because these power banks are the ones that are most reliable. Since you’re able to choose ones that have the cable that you use the most often. Not only do these types of power banks that have a single built-in cable; there are ones that go so far as to having two built-in cables, a USB port, and even built-in ways to recharge the power bank.

Built-in ways to recharge the power banks are things such as USB wall chargers and USB Cables.

Power banks on Cables

Power banks on Cables

There are even power banks on the cables and these ones are very small. Power banks that have been implemented on cables are meant for emergencies because they have very low power capacities. With that said, they’re convenient to use because as long as the power banks have a power capacity, you can simply plug the cable into your device and begin changing.

Another thing that these cable power banks do well is that they can be used just as any other charging cable and so you can use them with USB wall chargers and car chargers.

Two of the base types of Power banks

Base type Power Bank

The last two types of power banks in this article are ones that you should always remember because they’re basically present with every power bank on the market. These are low capacity and high capacity ones.

Power banks that have a low capacity are ones that purchased the most because having a low power capacity means that it’s going to be small and lighter in weight. As a result, these small power banks are able to fit into your pocket very easily. Although they’re really only meant for a single or two full charges to your smartphone and that’s it.

Then there are ones that have higher power capacities and these types of power banks are larger and heavier. Not really meant for on-the-go purposes, but they’re still very useful. That’s because a high power capacity means that you can charge many devices at once; they also have many charging ports which means that you can charge lots of devices at once with power banks like these.