Exchange Granular Level Recovery Tool – Restore Specific Data Items

By | March 29, 2018
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Introduction – What is Exchange Granular Recovery Technique

In Exchange Server, when individual email items from entire specific mailbox during recovery, known as granular level recovery. Using this technique user can save only the data-item needed without saving the unnecessary  or junk files.

Need Recovery of  Exchange Database at Granular Level?

When a user creates an account with Exchange Server, various features offered application to maintain data. It stores emails on mailboxes such as “Inbox, Outbox, sent items, deleted items folder” etc. To save user contact details, a contacts section created to save all personal details of the user. To maintain the appointment with people, Calendar option is available. All section data store in the Exchange Database File known as .edb file format.

Granular Level recovery needed when an administrator needs to extract individual data items from the Complete Mailboxes. Since to save data from catastrophic failure or recovering data from corrupted or damaged EDB File includes long procedure, time, effort and a large space to save the recover database. With Command prompt user can try to export a specific section from the Exchange Database But with command, Screen user can’t able to preview data items while backup process.

Granular Level Recovery in Different Scenarious

Note: Various Situation occurs for Exchange Administrator needs to perform recovery of items at Granular or Small Level:

  • Accidental Deletion of Mailboxes Data.
  • Recovery Specific Data items from Entire User Mailboxes.
  • Recover Exchange Database Without Using Power shell Commands
  • Creating Reliable Backup of Entire Mailbox to access easily.

Since it is difficult to perform Granular level recovered using the Powershell Command and Exchange Admin Centre and Microsoft also doesn’t offer any tool or utility for the recovery process. Systools Exchange Granular Recovery Tool is one of Best Flexible and Reliable Solution for the Granular Level Recovery process. Highly Advance Tool with complete support to Exchange Database File (EDB) of exchange server (2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007) and below version.

How to Excute Exchange Granular Level Recovery

The tool offers Granular Level Recovery of Data-items from Corrupt and Damaged EDB File. For that user need to follow the below steps:

a) First, a user needs to download the utility from this link: Systools Exchange Recovery Software

b) Now Install the software and Launch Software to recover specific items.

c) Open Software and Add the Corrupted or Damaged File using the “Add File” option.
Note: The Tool equipped option with Advance Search Option to find EDB File in Drives. It also adds STM File in OLD Version of Exchange Server. It also offers two option of Scanning EDB File

Quick Mode: This Mode used to for minor corrupted Exchange Database File.

Advance Mode: When Exchange File is highly corrupted then user can go this option for granular recovery of exchange data items,

d) Exchange Granular Level Recovery tool display deleted items and mailbox folder in “Hierarchy Folder Structure”. So that user can easily find of access the desired mailbox items.

e) Section wise option also available for the user to view the data-items from Granular level recovery. For example, a user wants to view only the “Contacts” Details stored in specific mailbox then just select the “Contact Section” to view only the contact details stored in Mailbox. Similarly for other section such as “Mails, Tasks, Calendar, and journal” are also available

f) To recover and restore the data-items at the granular level, check the items box in front of mailbox items.

g) Now Check the Radio Box of Desired File format to convert the Exchange Database item.

h) A user can also import them into “Live Exchange Server account” and “Office 365” Profile.

As we can see within few steps, we are able to perform Granular level of Data-item from damage
Exchange .edb file.

Advantage of Granular Recovery  Tool

  • Support Recovery of Deleted Mails Files at Granular Level.
  • Folder Structure Maintained while recovery process.
  • View Only the Desired Section Data-items via Easy Navigation Panel.
  • Quick and Advance Mode to supports for Granular recover from Damaged or Corrupted Exchange Database File.


To recover and restore complete mailboxes behalf of few data items not good choice as it requires lengthy time-consuming length process, efforts, technical knowledge and large space. To avoid all these issues, to executer restoring of specific files, Systools Exchange Granular Recovery Tool should be used. It also includes lots of highly advanced features mentioned in the above article.

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