Things iPhone 6 does that Galaxy Note 4 Won’t

By | December 9, 2014
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Your taste and personality play a rather important role when it comes to picking your technology gadgets. The obvious fact that one device comes packed with different technologies and tools that you might not even get a chance to use and the other is more reserved about what technologies to incorporate, comes from two different world views. One that differentiates between simplicity and beauty and one that thinks more is better. Ultimately, in the public eye, the “technology device” that comes with less technologies is doomed to fail but you might wonder why the iPhone is still going strong and hasn’t failed yet. Maybe you wonder in the battle between technical specifications, that iPhone 6 is the obvious loser, is there anything that you can be happy and proud that the iPhone 6 does that the technically packed note 4 can’t? If so, then read on the see what the iPhone 6 can do, that the Note 4 will fail to carry one.

Touch ID sensor. Both devices come equipped with a touch ID sensor that simplifies the process of unlocking your phone. The touch ID feature on the iPhone is much easier to use and functions much better than Note 4’s touch ID sensor. With the iPhone, you don’t need to swipe your finger, fast or slowly, in order for it to recognize your identity. But on Note 4 you are required to swipe your finger slowly for the device in order to be recognized which is somewhat annoying. On the iPhone 6, you can just “touch” the sensor and it will reliably recognize you. If you ever decide to use the NFC feature on either phone for making payments, then you will find that doing so on the Note 4 takes multiples attempts before it works, which can hinder the convenience that was meant for electronic payments.

Size is an important factor when it comes to choosing a phone and since we are trying to choose a “mobile” device and not a tablet, iPhone 6 offers the benefits of a big and sharp screen while offering the convenience of a well-sized mobile device which can be carried in your pocket much easier than its bigger rival. Top that with the fact that if you are a businessman or stock broker and need to carry a huge- screened device or tablet all the time, you have the freedom to choose the bigger iPhone 6 as well.

Storage is another issue. Although it might look obvious that with a super-smartphone like the Note 4 you will need more storage, you are only locked-in with one choice of storage when it comes to U.S wireless providers. You only have the option of 32GB versus the plethora of options you get with the iPhone 6 which is from 16 to128GB.

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