Top 10 Ways by Which A Blogger Can Make Money

By | February 5, 2014
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Most of the bloggers, Webmasters, Non Bloggers and IT professional have question in mind how we can make money with blogging Only.

If you have also same question then I am saying YES you can make money with Blogging only. Even you can choose Blogging as a profession if you have writing skill and have ideas to write and have mind to express creative things and exceptional contents to users.

In India and other countries also there are lot of bloggers who are making money with this. Plus point in this is that In blogging you can do other things also. Because you have time for writing.

Below I am sharing some earning methods to make money with blogging.

1-Google Adsense

It is well famous and most used online earning platform sponsored by Google. Many bloggers are making money with this. But this is not only the method by which we can make money . You can earn more than adsense if you have little bit ideas about niche websites and wordpress and affiliate marketing with amazon, click or commission junction.

2-Affiliate Marketing for Web Hosting

On blogging websites we see that most of the visitors who comes are either webmaster, seo, blogger or IT professional so all of them need web hosting, if they see an attractive banner of web hosting offer on your blog then definitely they will click and buy hosting and in this way you will make money because they buy hosting with your affiliate link.

3-Ad Banner Space

You can sell space on your website to entrepreneurs or any person who thinks that it is suitable place to put its ad.

4-Intext Advertisement

Intext advertisement is also another way to monetize your website.Adsense also support intext advertisement. You can try kontera, infolinks etc .

5-Email Subscriptions

If you have good writing skill then write on any good topic which can gather real buyers and put subscribe now button below the article. and collect all email ids . and finally send them any great product as offer via email and finally it will convert in lea and you will make money.

6-Self Advertisement

If you have any other business also apart from blogging then you can place your own banner on blog by which you can get customers and can get traffic on your business website.

7-Pay Per Download Networks

If you have any good wordpress theme , ebook, promotional code etc then you can upload it on pay per download sites and get link from after joining on that website. and place monetized link by this way each time user download your stuff you will make money.

8-Content Locking Networks

Almost same like PPD but in this you can lock any useful thing and users need to complete they survey to download or see that stuff. and Content locking networks pays you. example

9-Guest Blogging

A blogger can write guest post for any business and now a days people pay like 10-20 $ for each guest post you publish on other websites or blogs . Companies pays for guest posting because they get backlink from guest posting.

10-Content Writing

You can join elace, fiverr, odesk, freelancer etc sites and can place your offer that you write content .and show your previous articles . By this way you will get lot of orders for writing content and you will make money.

 It is just the summary of some ways to make money apart from these there are many methods by which you can make money. Hope it will help all coming bloggers.

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Dharmendra K Gupta

I am Dharmendra K Gupta. I am a #web Developer #problogger #internet marketer #wordpress geek and an entrepreneur from New delhi India.I love blogging and like to meet Pro Bloggers around the Web.
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About Dharmendra K Gupta

I am Dharmendra K Gupta. I am a #web Developer #problogger #internet marketer #wordpress geek and an entrepreneur from New delhi India.I love blogging and like to meet Pro Bloggers around the Web.