Why SMBs should spend more of their budget on Online Marketing in 2017

By | June 19, 2017
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The investor of today doesn’t profit from yesterday’s growth! Warren Buffet is poignant at the market’s never ending zest to flock at the already implemented strategies that keep innovation at bay. Digital Marketing has and will stay agile forever. It’s the upcoming businesses who have to unlatch the oceanic potential and steer an encouraging budget towards online marketing.

A lot new happened in 2016 and 2017 is hugely anticipated for the acceptance game. Here’s why the Small Medium Business fraternity should learn, experiment and invest more in Online Marketing.

  1. Online Marketing is being taken seriously, than ever before!

Your peers are already their!

Conventional channels are fast loosing their hold to the 4 pillars of Digital era – Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, App Marketing and Online Display Marketing. Over 40% of the surveyed businesses have turned their marketing budget towards online search while less than 14% are excited about Print & TV.

Add to it Social Media Examiner’s game changing hints with more than 63% of businesses confident about increased activity over Facebook and YouTube.
Remember, the longer you delay, stronger will the completion get. As an ambitious small medium business, you ought to revamp your breakdown and identify the areas of much demand.

Increased Social Analytics Integration

Social Media Marketing could only get better with emulating user response for Data Analytics. Small Medium Business sector was always skeptical about the much needed significance until the big players attempted, succeed and took away the cake. Be it ‘Facebook Insight’, ‘Instagram Analytics’ or ‘Twitter Dashboard’, SMBs could benefit the most out of these prebuilt applications. Add to it seamless integration with 3rd party CRM tools that makes 2017 way more exciting.

While most of you and your peers have neglected it, it’s still a profitable time to let your budget tap upon Analytics in Digital Marketing.

  1. More and better features will explode in 2017

Mobile First

The business dependency on mobile has outpaced web ads and promises awesome potential in times ahead. Starting 2017, mobile ads are expected to touch nothing less than 65 Billion USD within next 3-4 years. While the user has been following you through social channels, the game will spin and it’s high time that you follow back wherever your potential customer is.

From CRM applications to online marketing, everything’s getting leaner and it’s high time you go mobile! Keeping intact the current digital marketing commitments, an increased budget towards the smaller screen shouldn’t be overlooked.

Live Streaming

The most talked about content over social media is being generated through live interactions. Facebook’s ‘going live’ feature has garnered great response and improved bandwidth from ISPs has lured others to follow. While most SMBs have ignored it, act wisely and focus towards such innovative techniques than stressing unnecessarily on traditional campaigning. It has to be in the offering portfolio sooner.


Check this – The mass consumption for Videos will rage in 2017. Facebook boasts of 100 million hours of video streaming everyday! As a business of restricted budget, you must connect to and build customer loyalty through such cheaper channels. Minus any deep technical expertise, posting a Video on Facebook, YouTube and others is as simple as texting.

  1. Actually, Small Budget is not the restriction anymore

Most SMBs go for Online Marketing because they don’t have an alternative and that rest everything is expensive. However, when 300 SMBs from the Silicon Valley were surveyed as to what bigger they would do if the marketing budget tripled, they had surprising yet sensible wishes.

According to the LSA survey conducted last year, more than 50% would invest in SEO while 42% would expand their Online Marketing reach with PPC.

And If Online Marketing isn’t a choice?

Offered an increased budget minus Online Marketing, 37 % wished better and more responsive websites, 29% would engage more on Social Media while 30% would try emerging CRM competency in Cloud space.

Even if the budget goes up and down, investments in the web space rule than Print, TV, Radio and other forms of traditional advertisement.


The SMBs have to discover more and weigh their choices. The spent on Print advertisement continues to degrade and shall vanish soon from the spectrum. While the competition over the web is getting fierce, you ought to cement an unmoved spot before someone else takes it away.

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