Learn How to Remove Background Watermark From PDF Documents

By | January 13, 2018
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Data security is the most important demand in these days. There is various type of security based on different data types such as encryption, password protection, restriction, and many more. Watermark is one of them, which is frequently used as a security and identification tool on important PDF documents. But, these implemented security requires to be removed, depending on the situation. Thus, users need some solution to remove watermark from multiple PDFs. Adobe Reader can be used to view PDF documents but, this application is unable to remove background watermark from PDF files. However, with the help of Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word, users can modify the settings and get rid of watermark in PDF file. Here, in this write up we have elaborate the PDF watermark removing solution in simple terms.

Why do Users Need to Delete Watermark from PDF File?

When a PDF document contains, text, personalized image, it comes under the respective person’s ownership. Meanwhile, if the same PDF document contains company name or logo then it becomes the entity of valid organization. To apply watermark logo on the PDF file is good for security and ownership. But, when the owner leaves the organization or PDF data needs to copied then, it becomes troublesome for users. So, in that case, there arises a needs to remove background watermark from PDF files. A document has an unlimited number of pages, so it is the tedious task to remove watermark manually from each page. Therefore, the following methods would help users immensely to get their problem resolved:

Remove Background Watermark from PDF Using Microsoft Word

Before deleting watermark from PDF, make sure you must have Adobe Acrobat DC in your computer system which is needed for modifying the desired PDF document.

Step 1. First, open the PDF document from which you need to remove the watermark

Step 2. Then, select the “Tool” option from the right pane & click on the Tool option

Step 3. Now, there are many options will available like Import File, Export File, Create PDF

Step 4. After that, go to the “Export PDF” option

Step 5. Choose the Microsoft Word as your export format & then select the Word Document

Step 6. On starting the described options, click on the “Export” option to make it functional

Step 7. After doing this, a box will appear. Name the Word File that you are converting from PDF file in the name box & save it on the desirable location of the computer system from where you can easily retrieve it

Step 8. Then, manually go to the location where your file has been saved in Word format & open the file

Step 9. Now, go to the watermark logo or design of the document in this Word format

Step 10. Choose the Page Background option & click on the Watermark option from it

Step 11. This Watermark option will allow users to open a small box. It contains certain patterns of watermark as default for your choice followed Customize Watermark & Remove Watermark option

Step 12.  Now, go to the Remove Watermark option & your watermark will be removed from your entire PDF document

Step 13.  If Remove Watermark option does not work properly, then double click on the header area of the PDF document. Chose your watermark and press Delete button.

Delete Watermark from PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

To use this method, Acrobat Reader should be installed in the system. It provides PDF viewing, printing & annotating. There are following steps mentioned below which remove background watermark from PDF documents.

Step 1. First, Load the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat then go to the top menu

Step 2. After that, click on the Tools option and choose Edit PDF option from the menu

Step 3. Then, click on Watermark icon which is located the top of toolbar

Step 4. Now, list of three options will show. Select Remove button

Erase Watermark From PDF Using Professional Software

With the help of manual solutions, users can easily remove background watermark from PDF files. But, with these manual approaches, it becomes impossible to delete watermark from multiple PDF files. Therefore, it is recommended to use automated solution i.e. PDF Watermark Remover software. This software is capable to remove watermark from multiple PDFs at a time. Moreover, the graphical user interface is very simple and easy to use. Such that even non-technical users can use it easily.


Many times users need to delete watermark from PDF documents. But, manually it requires concentrating on one document at a time. Therefore, to solve this issue we have provided an automated solution to remove background watermark from PDF files. This commercial utility is the best for the workout in the best possible manner with maximum customization options.

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