Fix MS SQL Server Error 9003 Using DBCC CHECKDB Command

By | May 19, 2017
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What is SQL Server Model Database Error 9003?

Model database error or the Microsoft SQL Server error 9003 is a special type of error message that appears in SQL. These error messages are a result of wrong sequence or when an unacceptable event ID is tracked for a specific database by the log manager. When these types of error message appear and crash the system, error messages appear as in the below-mentioned form.

Why SQL Server Error Code 9003 Model Appears?

Generally. MS SQL Server Error 9003 triggered because of data corruption issues in database files and replication issues among MDF and LDF files, inconsistency, etc. sometimes SQL Server Code 9003 is also a result of mis-configuration system files or the registry issue of files.

How to Fix SQL Server Error 9003 Model Database

To bring the database to Normal Mode and to fix Microsoft SQL Server error 9003, the following resolutions can be implemented. Though there are no straightforward solutions available for rectifying this SQL error yet these techniques are beneficial if properly executed.

  1. Restore from Backup: Just try deleting the related information or contents, if the model database error appears due to the issue of replication of the data components. After this step, make sure to take restoration of the database from the available archive or backup. This is indeed a good option to backup server database of SQL because it greatly helps in restoring entire data in some really critical situations.
  2. SQL Server Re-installation: If the user has encountered with Microsoft SQL Server error 9003 then uninstall the present SQL Server program and then try reinstalling it on the system. This will be the great step towards the elimination of error in SQL server. Also, it is advised to take a backup of all MDF components like triggers, indexes, database tables, stored procedures, etc. before actually uninstalling the program. Restore all the components back to the database after the files are reinstalled.
  3. DBCC Implementation to fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 9003: Run DBCC CHECKDB after reinstalling the program so as to check the physical, logical errors and inconsistencies in that particular database components. By using the DBCC CHECKDB command, check the consistency of MDF files i.e, of the primary database. Alternatively, A user may detach model database by renaming database files and attaching it further. This may prevent Microsoft SQL Server error 9003 from appearing.

Rectification of Suspect Mode

SQL database items are marked as SUSPECT if they are affected by server error 9003. To find out which database has undergone SUSPECT mode and to troubleshoot this erroneous situation, follow the procedure given below.

  • By executing DBCC CHECKDB, detect the SUSPECT mode.
  • Now to detect the actual cause, open the SQL error log.
  • After this, just bring the database to ‘Emergency Mode‘.

NOTE: In the SUSPECT mode, it is impossible to connect to the database that is why it is important to turn it to Emergency Mode.

  • To check inconsistencies among database objects, run DBCC.
  • After this, just turn on ‘Single Mode’ in the database.
  • Using ‘REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS’, recover the database.
  • Now, turn on ‘Multiuser Mode’ in the database by performing suitable SQL command.

NOTE: The resolution methods mentioned above may cause the withdrawal of error 9003 in SQL Server database and then brought to the normal mode when processed in an accurate way however if some mistakes are committed while executing these steps then, loss of data may occur.

4. Alternate Solution: If all the above manual solutions fail to fix 9003 error code, then it is best recommended to opt for SQL Recovery Software to overcome this issue and resolve Microsoft SQL Server error 9003. This tool is an exquisite tool to repair corrupt MDF file of various SQL Server database files. It has a potential to repair MDF File & NDF database files by its efficient scanning mechanisms. This SQL recovery software can recover even the deleted or lost SQL server data files. Hence, it is an all-in-one tool for fixing the corrupted SQL database files.


We have thrown lights on SQL Server model database error 9003 in this post. We briefly discussed manual methods to repair and restore SQL database files to find a solution for Microsoft SQL Server error 9003 from MDF and NDF database files. Still, sometimes these methods are not able to recover original file database information. To Get all corrupt database files back, a user can choose a commercial tool for getting an optimized result in the quickest time.

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