Solutions for Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Mailbox Migration

By | August 19, 2018
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Hi! Is there any solution to migrate mailboxes between office 365 tenants? Are you also interested to find a way to move mailboxes to and from Office 365 tenants? Well, there is a solution! And we will be discussing it here in this blog which includes a manual guide along with an automated solution for Office 365 Tenant to Tenant migration in an easy and secure way. Provided solutions are verified for performing the task of moving the O365 domain to another very efficiently. In the case of crisis, going for a web-based solution such as office 365 provides the easiest path to gain access, especially for an organization. Microsoft Office 365 subscription plans for a paid version is equipped with multiple features and very much inbuilt software’s. Here, we have situations like a business or corporate merger is about to take place. Hence, it is necessary to learn the concept of Office 365 tenant to another tenant for global users. A look at a user’s query gives in-depth view of a situation before we proceed further.

Requirement for Office 365 Tenant to Office 365 Tenant Migration

I have worked for years on Office 365 domain as a freelancer. Suddenly, an organization handed me a project for migration of a tenant of Office 365 to another. I tried to find a solution over the internet and other resources but in vain and wasn’t able to provide help. While I was worrying that what if my clients get upset. Therefore, I practiced the same trying to impress my client and as usual, it went all in vain. Now I require an effective solution for office 365 tenant to office 365 tenant migration. Is there any utility that can solve my problem without any hassle?

We have two domains for our business-related work and for that I use MS Office 365. Taking future plans into consideration an organization’s success it has been decided to split the company into two separate domains. The data resides on only one tenant domain, whereas it is required to be available on both the domains. Hence, need for a reliable solution arises to process the transfer of data among O365 tenants. All the persons can reciprocate I would be thankful towards them if all the persons can reciprocate and leads shall be appreciated! Thanks in Advance.

Helping Users regarding Office 365 tenant to Office 365 tenant migration is main motive. In addition to it, tenant migration for one Office 365 to another happens when users have to switch from one department to another. During mailbox conversions possibility of users facing many challenges cannot be neglected. Therefore, a solution is devised to resolve such issues arising with migrations. The below section helps users understand proficient ways to migrate Office 365 accounts effectively.

Finding Out the Two Best Ways to Migrate O365 tenant to O365

However, the method for Office 365 tenant to tenant migration is a bit difficult to work on. The below section contains steps that will be beneficial for you in merging Office 365 tenants.

Manual Method to Transfer Microsoft O365 Tenants

A set of requirements should be followed before proceeding to migrate Office 365 Mailboxes to another Office 365 account.

Set of Requirements

  1. For Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013: Delete MS Outlook Account.
  2. For MS Outlook 2007 and 2010: Auto-Discover should be configured while restarting Outlook and then make OST file again.
  3. For Lync Clients: After the merger process is complete add each and every address book.

Preparation & Licensing the Domain

  1. At MS Office 365 target tenant there is a need for increasing the license. It is necessary because merging of source tenant mailbox to target domain is performed.
  2. All the admin accounts in source and target tenant used for conversion process are to made Exchange Online from O365. Sometimes, chances are there to make extra admin accounts for using the migration tool.

Source Domain Preparation

  1. Lync License from all users in a source tenant should be terminated using Lync Admin portal.
  2. Default email address on Distribution lists, Resources, Rooms, Office 365 source mailbox need to be reset to the initial domain.

Target Domain Preparation

  1. CNAME (Internal or External) alternative to be set for auto-discover configuration.
  2. If user is using AD FS then do configure a new domain into the destination domain.

Using the PowerShell Script for Office 365 tenant to tenant migration

The following steps are to be followed for problem resolution:

Bulk Password reset of MS Office 365

  • Make a password csv file as password.csv
  • Enter upn & newpassword into the columns in file (for example:, Password4)
  • If matter is not resolved then use the Windows PowerShell command.

Import-Csv password.csv|%{Set-MsolUserPassword –userPrincipalName $_.upn -NewPassword $_.newpassword -ForceChangePassword $false}

Go through the following PowerShell commands

By using a particular proxy address accounts of office 365 is printed in the CSV file.

Create Bulk Room Mailboxes into Office 365

Bulk Remove Secondary Email Address From Mailboxes

Manual Approach- Drawbacks:

The manual method seems to be complex despite, it is completely free of cost. And if one happens to be a non-technical user, it becomes very difficult to implement entire process. Additionally, it takes plenty of efforts while being time-consuming. Sometimes, during a process, the users get confused and ends-up creating loads of system troubles. Therefore, those who are not technically sound about all the intermediates should not perform it.

Automated Solution:

For Office 365 tenant to Office 365 tenant through the automated process, there remains no difference between a technical or non-technical user. On the way to channelize your efforts in a proper direction, one should switch to a third party tool i.e. Office 365 to Office 365 Express Migrator. The software is fully capable for migrating mailboxes from an Office 365 domain to another. Support for all Windows versions is also provided. So, the users can easily download and install this program while able to perform Office 365 tenant to Office 365 tenant migration.

The Final Words

We all are aware of the fact that Exchange Online- a cloud-based application is used widely by multi-national organizations even as a platform. It can be claimed as a useful source for business processes. Sometimes it becomes necessary for users to perform migration of mailboxes among Office 365 tenants and in such cases, the users can go both way manual as well as for a third-party tool without issues and errors while being fast and secure process.

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