Uber’s latest idea to deliver puppies makes dog lovers more delightful

By | March 9, 2017
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Uber one of the largest ride-sharing services is much helpful for the travelers in various ways. It has brought many new advanced features to make the travelers more enthusiastic. The technology is going far-flung and Uber brings a lot of new ideas ranging from helicopter rides to the in-car entertainment. In addition to this, Uber has announced that it is going to deliver puppies and chicken wings to the people’s doorway.

With regards to the celebration of the super bowl taking place on this Sunday, Uber will be offering an exclusive selection of services through the week. Among all, one of these will be to deliver puppies to people’s doorstep throughout Wednesday. The company of Uber is going to partner with Animal Planet, the SF SPCA, Peninsula Humane Society, and Berkeley Humane Society.



Offering sheltered puppies as human toys have lifted a few questions over animal welfare, but it’s better to know that these puppies will get at least some shelter during their visits. These puppies will be made to visit cities such as Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, and orange city.

Delivery of Chicken Wings

There are also other services such as delivery of chicken wings, and it will be taken back to the desired location for a game of flag football with quarter bag legends like Trent Dilfer and Joe Montana. Uber also takes some necessary steps to team up with EA to establish video games in select Uber pools.

Mostly, the services will be limited to San Francisco and everything will be made available in the United States of America.

Pets at workplace provide welfare for Dogs and humans

In Australian offices, the pet-friendly policies have made it less uncommon to work along with the pet animals with firms using them to boost their self-esteem and confidence when there undergoes stress. In companies around the country, many people have been sharing their workspaces with some unbelievable fellow workers where Sydney Real state Gunning Commercial is one of those.

The company includes Meatball which is one of the large French bulldogs. It also has Floyd, which is the precocious fox terrier, Cooper across Labrador, and also bull terrier, says the principal of the business Malcolm Gunning.

Malcolm says that he has been running pet-friendly offices for the past twenty years. He explained that having pet dogs in the office helps them to boost morale when people undergo stress at some point in time. It also helps in creating a balanced environment which makes it much comfortable to the office workers. Works such as real estate is really nerve-racking as it deals with large assets and mostly it’s not straight forwarded one.

Dogs help in reducing stress

But when dogs are made into the environment it provides an appealing effect that helps to reduce stress to the individual workman. The dogs have become so much in a part of the team that they even go to office meetings. Like we people react in the office, and if we come together to meet, the dogs will actually step to the meeting table inside the office.

They see that is possibly right to be a part of that meeting. Gunning said that when there are no meetings, the three dogs spend most of their day to roaming around and trying to find desiderate bright spots in the office to rest in. Gunning’s commercial director Daniel Gunning who is the owner of Cooper and Floyd says that they both sit in the back seat and get a luxurious ride to work. Even though it is funny to explain, they are so much pretty in playing with us.

They usually get ready to the office for work by themselves while we are getting ready. Cooper and Floyd joined in the office by Meatball. Meatball’s owner William Gunning, who is the director of sales and leasing, explains in a speech that his pet is loyal. He was not always as big and large as he was, but in his general statement, he says that it’s great. It also has the ability to judge who is right and who is wrong and loyal to others.


Dogs are helpful in office environment

Having a dog in the office environment not only helped the workers but meant the pets were not left alone all the day. It’s like the best companion to the humans coming to work with us every day. One of the people who are benefited by this service says that he lives in an apartment and it’s not good to leave him at home. People should allow them to watch games such as football and the Golf. Also making him appear into the workplace makes dogs have interaction with the people. Dogs will be safe at workplace even if we let him stay from morning till the whole night.

Dogs are afforded from the tasks that come with working in an office. It is much important for the team members so I think that it is one of the best things that they have ever done. When Floyd first started coming, the office which we are in now was very new to them. There were only two persons in the office and so it was for a bit of company. Since it was new to the business they planned to break up the mental pressure. Even going forward with engaging people, it is a good test of character.

People always say that dogs are much faithful to the human and they can even identify the good and people in its surroundings. Every people make a cute smile when dogs arrive. Some people are very much fond of dogs and they cannot even live without dogs. Other companies like Vet Shop Australia which is a Queensland based pet company also let the employees bring their pets to the workplace.

The firm’s founder and director Dr. Steven Perissinotto, says that there were frequently there to four dogs in the office along with his two spaniels. Each and everyone seem to be a bit happier and it gets smiles when dogs arrive around and gives you a snuff. We can make sure that dogs can lower the stress a level when things are not functioning well, people takes the dog out for a walk. These dogs are helpful in lifting the emotions but it reminds us of what is good and bad.

Malcolm acknowledges that having dogs around the workplace can put things easy on a troublesome way which reduces stress in the company. People can walk in from a bit of annoying meeting and the dogs walk to the door while you come up from the car park dogs even comes out to greet you. Even they come out with a smile, bobbing their tails or come up to say hello. So, life is not that much bad as soon as when you get brought back down to the earth.

Since dogs have a good understanding of humans that goes beyond thousands of years. Many scientists have explored that this special relationship between dogs and humans from different angles and they got a beautiful result. The secret that why dogs are best friends to humans lay in their genes and so the relationship between dogs and humans are overwhelming.

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