Complete Guide on How to Insert Page Number in PDF Files

By | January 17, 2018
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PDF files are developed by Adobe systems and can be viewed and on any operating system without any hassle. Moreover, it also allows the users to add password protection, comments, signatures, etc. However, if the file has a large number of pages then, users require to arrange and insert page number in PDF files. It simplifies keeping track of information when the PDF file is meant to be printed or shared. Here, in this article, a user can get the complete information on how to add bates number to PDF documents.

Different Reasons to Apply Page Numbers to PDF Files

In the previous time, it was a very difficult task to find any particular page from the bundle of pages. Part of that reason is that there was no any technology to add numbers to the pages of the documents. But, when the technology of page number started, this became the best guide for those users who physically invented books. In the current era, adding page number in PDF file is a very easy process and beneficial for all users. Along with page numbers a user can also add the header & footer, date, title, bates numbers for legal documents etc in their PDF file. These features may help users to search any data from the large PDF file in very less time. Thus, it is very important to apply page numbers to PDF document.

Manual Approach to Insert Page Number in PDF Files

A user can provide numbers on each page of PDF document by using Adobe Acrobat. There are following steps to perform manually, which will add the numbers on the PDF pages:

  • First of all, open PDF document in Adobe Acrobat. After that, click on Document, select “header & footer” and “Add“ options. Then, a dialogue box “The header and footer” will appear
  • In next step, select font style and font size from the “Font” and “Size” drop-down box respectively
  • Then, click on the Underline button or press Ctrl + U to underline the page number
  • After that, go to the Color button to select a predefined color or create a custom color for the color of the page number
  • In next, select the margin in inches for defining the header & footer from the Top, Bottom, Left, Right combo boxes
  • Now, click on the Appearance options & select ‘Shrink documents to avoid overwriting the document’s text and graphics’(This will ensure you to header & footer will not overlap with the document text)
  • Select the “Keep position and size of header or footer text constant when printing on different page sizes”
  • When PDF file is enlarged then this option will prevent headers and footers from being re-sized
  • Then, go to the header & footer text box and click on the ‘Insert Page Number’
  • From the “Page Number Format” drop-down box, select “Page Number & Date Format”. Click OK
  • Now, click on “Page range options” and click OK. Then, select “Save settings” and type a name for the settings and save this which is applied to others PDF file
  • Finally, click on OK button and add the header/footer to the PDF documents.

Automated Solution to Apply Page Numbers to PDF Files

Nowadays it becomes very essential to insert page number into PDF files to organize them effectively. Adobe Acrobat provides the facility to add bates number in PDF but it has various drawbacks like it is lengthy and time-consuming. Moreover, in the absence of Adobe Acrobat user cannot insert bates in PDF files. To solve this user should take help of the third-party solution which is SysTools PDF Bates Numberer tool. This software is very effective to apply PDF page numbers to PDF without any difficulty.

Advantageous Features of Professional Software

  • This tool can add page number to multiple PDF files at once
  • It allows to insert page number in PDF file and print them on paper
  • It has features to add suffix & prefix along with page number
  • This tool allows applying formatting on numbers in various ways
  • It is not required to have adobe acrobat to open the PDF file
  • The software has the option to add additional text and text position
  • Option to generates summary and reports of the selected file

Concluding Words

There are many users who need to insert page number in PDF documents. Thus, these above-mentioned article gives the complete explanation on how to apply page numbers to PDF files manually and by using the third-party tool. But, the manual process needs a lot of expenses and efforts. So that, considering the requirement of users, the third-party PDF Page Numberer software is suggested. It can be easily used by anyone without any difficulties.

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