Convert Excel Contacts to Outlook Address Book in 6 Simple Steps

By | January 13, 2018
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In this Blog, we discuss, how can naive user easily convert Excel contacts to Outlook Address Book, without following no longer manual procedure. On Different circumstances, an Outlook user needs to move thousands of Contacts in Address Book so that they can send messages to a large number of users without difficulty.

User Queries 1: Hey, Using Outlook 2016 Edition in Windows 8, around 250 office Client contacts stored in Excel format and need to move the contacts to my Outlook Contact group so that directly send some email messages to a large number of a user group? How do I convert excel contacts to Outlook Contacts?

User Queries 2: Try to import user contacts using the Import / Export option of Outlook, but don’t know how all email address on file imported is empty. First, delete the wrong contacts from the Contacts list and try again the same procedure to convert Excel contacts to Outlook contacts, but still getting the same problem. How can avoid these kinds of issues, you can prefer any free converter if available on the web?

Why we need Convert Excel file Contacts to Outlook Application

A Single contacts file of any application stores, many information of a user. It stores user personal information such as “User-Name”, “Address”, Phone Number or it holds user professional information related to work such as “Job” “Company Name” “Fax Number ” “Company address”. According to work contacts file information can be changed. In Outlook application, this file format play very imports role, as it offers a user to create contacts file for the different user, so that Outlook user can easily communicate with the other people and view all the details of another user in a single click. But for that, a user needs to create contact f file for each user manually. If the number of users is small in number, then it becomes very easy task, but if the number of user increases, then it required a long time and manual effort.

For user advantage, Outlook offers an option to reduce effort by importing contact using Import/ Export option. Normally for contacts file, a vCard file format is preferred to store user information. It also is known as Virtual Business Card file accepted by the major Email client and other messaging application, that stores Contacts.

Since the Direct method is not available to move Excel contacts to Outlook Address Book. In the Manual method, a user tries to use CSV File format as this file format supported by Outlook application to move data. But still, various error faced by the user to convert Excel contacts to Outlook application. Some common error faced by the user are: Mapping Error, Missing and Miss placed attributes error, Delimiter error, where the value of CSV file separated by (;) value rather than default Comma (,) values and user not able to import Contacts perfectly.

1. To Save Time and Effort of saving Contacts Manually

2. For Perfectly Conversion of Excel contacts into Outlook Contact List

3. Directly Create Outlook Distribution List

Features of Excel to Outlook Converter

1) Convert Excel Contacts to Outlook Perfectly: Tool supports file formats such as XLS, XLSX, and CSV. A user just needs to add file within the software to Convert XLS Contacts to MS Outlook Address Book.

2) Export Empty Email Address to Outlook: Using Advance option of Excel to Outlook Converter user can easily move the contacts stores empty email address. Just select the option and tool will automatically allow saving of contacts with an empty email address.

3) Import Excel contacts to Outlook Distribution List: Since a Distribution List used to store a group of people and user can create and export the contacts from Excel to Outlook distribution list directly. No need to manually create again the list after the conversion process.

4) Map Attributes of Excel to Outlook Contacts: Without mapping, a user not able to convert Excel contacts to Outlook Contact list. Using Mapping feature, a user can easily match the attributes of contacts stored in Excel with Outlook attributes easily.

5) Remove Duplicates Attributes: Since Duplicates contacts, attributes create misunderstand or confusion while sending and receiving messages from user contacts list. Hence the user can easily avoid these kinds of duplicity issues while converting Excel contacts to Outlook Address Book.

6) Preview Attributes: User can few the attributes of Excel contacts file properly before importing them into MS Outlook. The software allows a user to view all the attributes stored in XLS, XLSX Contacts. So that so can confirm that the input file given by the user in software is correct or not.

Just 6 Steps Process to Convert Excel Contacts to Outlook Address Book

Just Follow the below step or User can view the above image to understand the working of the process to the Best Excel to Outlook Converter Tool.

1. Launch Excel to vCard Software

2. Load .xls or .xlsx format file within in Tool

3. Preview Excel file attributes

4. Map Attributes of Excel to Outlook Contact List

5. Allow option to all Empty Email address and Duplicate Contacts.

6. View the Converted Contacts in Outlook Contacts Section.

Wrapping It Up

At last, we can easily observe that converting Excel Contacts to Outlook Address  Application can be an effortless task if the user goes for third party utility tool. The simple and straight conversion process, no need to convert Excel file into another format and Import/ Export Wizard used in this process.

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