Export Exchange Mailbox 2010 to PST Using PowerShell Script

By | April 12, 2017
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Full-proof Solution To Export Exchange Mailbox 2010 to PST File Format

Are you looking for a conversion process to transfer 2010 EDB mailboxes to PST? Well! Then, this is for you. This guest post is purely intended to provide some of the best solutions to the users, who are looking for ways to convert Exchange mailbox 2010 to PST. In this content, we will discuss the need, manual solution and software solution regarding the export of Exchange mailboxes to PST.

Conditions Demanding EDB to PST Migration

There are a lot of scenarios that urge users to migrate from EDB to PST file. Sometimes, when users work on Exchange, they feel the need to access their mailboxes on Outlook. This is when the migration from EDB to PST is needed. This occurs especially when the user is switching from one organization to another and intends to take the complete Exchange mailbox data along with him. In such a scenario, storing the data in PST format is the best way out since PST files are easy to keep and access.

Another reason can be if a user wishes to take the backup of Exchange mailboxes and store it then, exporting from EDB to PST file is the useful tip. It is helpful in case exchange server disrupts, a user can easily access the backup files stored in PST format.
For these reasons, situations arise that demand conversion from Exchange mailbox 2010 to PST. This will be clearer by understanding the user query.

I have recently left my company and joined a new one. I have a lot of data in my previous company as Exchange mailbox but now I want to take a backup of these .edb files. So I am looking for a conversion from EDB to PST format. I have already tried doing it by Exchange Management Console but it failed. Can someone suggest an alternate method or a software for the same? All suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance!

Manual Solution To Export Exchange Mails To PST

1. Solution to export Exchange Mailbox 2010 to PST using Exchange Management Console:

Before we get into the actual process of migration from EDB to PST, consider these per-requisites you need to have in advance. These are listed below.

  • PowerShell 2.0
  • Exchange server Management Tools
  • Exchange’s complete administration permission

But Exchange 2010 is accompanied with a role-based administration. So, for seeking permissions to import or export, user needs to run the following commands:
Another way to gain permission is by creating an Active directory and then adding permissions to it. Any user can be added to its user group. All users of this group will have permission to export and import EDB mailboxes. To achieve this, run the following command:

Resultant file’s path is to be entered in the following command to export from EDB to PST file. Also, mention here the name of the mailbox of Exchange that is to be imported.

For viewing the status report of an Export process, just use the Get-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet.
Once the export of EDB files to Outlook PST gets finished, an export request will remain on the server until it is removed manually. Removing of report can be done by using this

2. Alternate Solution: Software to Export Exchange mailbox to PST:

The above method is irksome as it is a little complicated and also time taking. So, for all the users looking out for a perfect solution, here is the tool i.e, Exchange Export Software. This tool is the best tool in market which covers all the user demands and swiftly migrates Exchange mailbox 2010 to PST format. This tool also maintains the hierarchy of files and retains all meta-data properties of EDB emails including emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, etc. The best part is that it does not has any limitation on the size of EDB files. So, now let us look at the procedure to migrate mailbox from exchange to pst by this efficient tool.
Working Steps for to Export Exchange Mailbox to PST

  • Download & Launch Exchange Export Software and then, click on the Export option.
  • Select the desired database from the Active Directory list and then click on Next option.
  • Select criteria to export from given options like emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.
  • If Email option is selected by user then, specify the data range interval in that window.
  • Further, choose the options accordingly and also select destination of converted PST files.
  • Click on the Export option and a message will appear after successful completion of export.

NOTE: A report will show the file count, name and other details, which are undergoing the export process from EDB to PST file.


As the idea of converting Exchange mailbox to PST Outlook strikes the minds of users, they immediately look for a perfect solution to accomplish the goal. Both the given solutions will solve the purpose. However, the software will yield matchless results without any flaws. Hence, by this post, we have tried to shed some light on the most implicit ways to migrate Exchange mailbox 2010 to PST Outlook.

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