Convert Mac MBOX to Outlook: Exporting Data from Mac MBOX to PST

By | August 8, 2017
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Know How to Convert data items from Mac MBOX file to Outlook PST Format

My employees are using Apple Mail since last few years, but now, want to set up a professional email account on MS Outlook Windows. So, can we transfer MBOX to Outlook keeping all Apple Mail files safe in Outlook PST files format? Is there any simple and automated solution to deal with this complicated conversion in a precise way?

This blog has come up with the easiest solution to answer such queries, as mentioned above. If you are also one of the users who want to switch MBOX file format to Microsoft Outlook data file, then this is the right place to find your solution. We have come up with an appropriate solution which will convert Mac .mbx file to Outlook PST format.

Need to Migrate to Mac MBOX File to Outlook Data File Format

There are several other reasons also because of which a user wants to move Mac MBOX file to Microsoft Outlook data format. Some of the reasons are discussed below:

1. Microsoft Exchange & Outlook is compatible with each other
It is easy to connect both this Microsoft email client with that of Exchange Server. And most important there isn’t any drawback related to this.

2. MS Outlook Works Well With AD
As the Active Directory stores all the email-addresses, so there is no need to enter credentials if authenticating MS Outlook through AD.

3. Outlook can be Configured With Different Devices and Applications
There are some vendors, third-party applications, etc. which don’t provide a native personal information manager with their devices, so it is easy for Outlook users to access their accounts on almost every device.

4. A Good Organizer to Manage Assets
Most of the e-mail clients offer different rules for sorting and managing the emails, contacts and the other data items, but MS Outlook raises the bar. It allows its users to sort the messages into folders. An option is also provided in this email client to send different automatic OOO i.e. Out of Office messages, to internal as well as to the external addresses.

5. SharePoint Integration with Outlook Exchange
Outlook users are provided with an option to receive the notifications by emails, then click through to SharePoint site. Users are also allowed to add content to that shared workspace or even they can participate in the forum discussions by emails.

6. User-Friendly Interface
The user interface of MS Outlook is very familiar to the users, that even a no-tech or novice user can work easily with it.

7. Integrated Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Addressbook in Outlook
Other than email messages, an Outlook profile contains an address book, calendar, task list and even the virtual sticky notes also.

8. One-Stop E-mail Offered by MS Outlook
In Outlook, the user is not limited to only a single account. There are several accounts working with different protocols like POP3 & IMAP, which can feed into the same set of folders, and can also manage with only one set of rules.

A Pertinent Solution to Convert Mac MBOX to Outlook File Format

As per the above-mentioned benefits provided by Microsoft to the Outlook users, no doubt that anyone of us wants to switch our accounts to this email client. There is one of the best solutions to for this i.e. Mac MBOX Converter. This application converts multiple Mac MBOX to Outlook PST in few easy steps. This utility allows a user to export all the data of a Mac MBOX file to PST format without losing any data. This converter requires Mac OS X 10.10 and the above versions of Mac OS with an Intel Processor.

What does This Mac MBOX Convert do?

  • The tool changes Mac MBOX file to Outlook PST format.
  • An option is provided to convert multiple Mac MBOX files to .pst.
  • The integrated structure of the email is maintained by the application even after the conversion of files.
  • Multiple Mac MBOX files, more than 100, can be easily converted in one go.
  • The Inline Images and the HTML formatting of the email messages are also maintained by the program.
  • The Naming Convention, as well as the Email Filtering Options, are even provided in this Mac MBOX converter.
  • The demo version of the product export only 25 items to the PST files, one has to upgrade to the full version to convert the entire items.

To know more about the tool, its features and working, visit its official site:

This Mac MBOX Converter has come up several features which make the conversion process so easy and error-free for a user. So, one can efficiently to go through this tool to export the Mac MBOX data items to Outlook PST format with this hassle-free solution. It is also recommended to first go for the trial version of the software before going through the paid version.

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