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By | March 4, 2017
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This particular application has taken texting messages to a completely different level with a new dimension. In the past, we were able to send limited text messages to our near our dear ones with the normal messaging from our network providers. Since the time Whatsapp has come into the existence, it has taken the complete texting of messages to a brand new world with more possibilities.


Whatsapp is medium now for millions of people to be able to send innumerable messages to their dear and near ones. It is not limited to the people from the same country, but we can have a conversation over cross countries as well. The only thing we really need to be able to use the app for texting purposes is the internet connection.

It is not only that we can send and receive text messages, but there are lot more other things which we can do in the app. Most of the people are really happy and glad that they were able to find an app of this kind. It is really a good thing that, people can have endless conversations with each other. There are many features in the app which are pretty interesting and amazing as well.

Every single app in the Play store always has some kind of update to it and the app is upgraded with added features. It is hard for the tech geeks to make sure that the user stays on the app. They do not want the user to stop using the app at any given moment; in fact, it is the last thing on their minds. So, they keep creating something new for the app and release the updated version.

Whatsapp has seen a tremendous amount of changes over the period of time. In the beginning, it was just about texting and sharing pictures and audios. Later on, there were other features which got added to the app and it is pretty amazing to see the way the features work in the app. From being just a normal chat app, the app has done great amongst the people, with its added features.

Now, the app has many features, like sharing the location, if someone is finding hard to get to your location. All we need to do is share our location with the person who needs to reach our location, as simple as that. We can not only share pictures and audios but also videos as well. There was a recent update to the videos which get shared with other contacts.

In the past, we need to download the video to be able to watch it, but it is not same anymore. We can stream the video directly without waiting for it to be downloaded; this helps us to save time as well. Now, there is no requirement to have a network to make a call to some, if there two parties have an internet connection and they can make calls through the app.

We have our near and dear ones live in far off countries and always wish to get a glimpse of them. Whatsapp has taken this factor into account and bought in another update for its users. The video calling option, now we can not only make a normal voice call but also a video call. By this, we will be able to see our loved ones and feel glad that we were able to see them and talk to them.

There are two elements in the app which most of the users are very much interested. They are the only things which they keep updating often and it is the display picture (profile picture) and the Status. Most of us have the tendency to keep changing these two things often in our Whatsapp. We want our friends to check out our pictures and status, and give comments on it.

Most of us are aware of changing the display picture and status now and then. It is a fact that there only a few of us actually do respond to the change in the display picture or the status. The tech geeks at Whatsapp who keep working on a new kind of update, have decided to bring in a new kind of update for the app. The update which is at present available in the beta version of the app and will be launched as a normal update for the regular users.

It is the receiving replies for the status which is updated by the user and the app now looks different with the features. At present, the app has three different tabs, where it has chats, calls, and contacts. But, the tabs have been changed with different options as in the camera icon for the status update, chats, status tab, and calls. The camera icon will enable us to be able to update the status with a picture.

The tab which has the status is where we will be able to check the status updates of our family and friends. It will display all the status updates which have been made by our contacts. The status update will be displayed only for 24 hours and after that, it will get disappeared. In simple means, we will be able to update the status once in every 24 hours.

Once we tap to check on someone’s status, the next updates will load automatically. So, there is no requirement to tap on each contact or status update to read through it and give a reply to it. If we reply to the status, it will be sent to the chat window of the particular user. Apart from that, if there is a status update from any of your friends, you will receive a notification.

There is an added feature along with the status update, we can even specify with whom we would like to share it. There are three different options under the status privacy option, where it says, “My contacts”, “My contacts except” and “Only with”. So, this will help us to keep our status available to the contacts with whom we would like to get it shared with.

It is one of the options which are already available in the app, we have the option to mute the chats, be it single chat window or a group chat window. But, now there is an option where we can mute the notification of the status update as well. We can enable or disable this option for the users in specific as well from the contact list like we do it for the chats.

Apart from muting the notifications, we will also be able to check which contacts are under the mute list of the notification. So, if by any chance we want to un-mute the particular user, we will be able to do so as well. The recently updated status of the users will be displayed at the top of the list under the status tab and later the older ones will be displayed.

One fact which should not forget is that these status updates keep disappearing in every 24 hours. So, the beta version of the app is out for the beta users to try out and we can anticipate that this version of the app will be soon launched on a full scale, after the success with the beta version. Folks, now we can wait for the most awaited update of Whatsapp to update our status.

Author Bio :-

Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dectar a well known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Scimbo – Whatsapp Clone Script. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

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