10 Best Tips for WordPress Beginners

By | March 3, 2017
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For those who want to start an ecommerce site, WordPress (WP) is an excellent tool for launching your new startup. WordPress is an open source program for creating websites using the PHP. It is one of the easiest preferences for creating blog site or website.

WordPress initially started as a simple blogging platform, but currently it is enriched a lot of widgets and plugins that can add a lot of different features to your website. These widgets and plugins can be easily installed and they can also be modified per your requirements.

WordPress offers endless different themes and a huge range of designs for your site. Some of these themes are paid while some free. WordPress is not very difficult to use, but for those who are new to this platform here are some tips.

WordPress Installation

When you are creating a WordPress website, you shouldn’t use the WordPress folder that shows up in the URL or you will end up with a URL like “myblog.com/wordpress”. In such a case, you should install in the main directory of your laptop or you should make use of a subdomain.

Choosing A Niche

If you want to earn money with your blogging, it is important to choose one single niche to focus on. Choose something you have a passion for, it will make adding content easier.

Domain Name

The next step is choosing a domain name. Make sure you include some keywords related to your niche in the domain. This will make it easier to rank in Google searches for those keywords.

Plugin Overload

Plugins can make your website worth visiting. Plugins can do a lot from changing the size of the font to color schemes, along with sharing them on different social media platforms. Although these are really good tools one should not overuse them. Installing too many plugins can make your web site really slow. If you notice any issues with your website after installing the new plugin, deactivate it instantly and try to fix the issue.

Pages And Posts

Pages and post are two different things. The content of the pages are fixed in the HTML code. But the posts can be dynamic. Visitors can interact with the post content as it is changeable. The page content must be static, and the page names can be like About Us, Terms, Home etc., but the posts should be articles or blogs on different topics.

Keep A Backup

Losing the data on the website is a common occurrence. To avoid this glitch, make sure to back up your WP website on a daily basis. Some hosts provide a 24-hour backup if anything happens to your website, but you may not be able to retrieve it all, so don’t forget to regularly keep a backup of your website. There different plugins that can do this task for you.


There are a lot of settings available in WordPress, but one of the most important are Permalinks. When in WordPress look under setting for permalinks and change it to custom with /%postname%/ in the field and then click save.

Make Use Of Images

Use good quality images on your posts as well as on your page content. This can elevate your conversion rate drastically. The use of relevant images that complement the text is better. Make sure that you follow copyright laws when using free images also add alternate text with all your images. This will help in ranking your site higher in the search engine results.

Pick A Theme

The theme is the visual features that represents your site. Don’t take selecting the theme lightly. The design and layout of the website should be based on the theme. Make sure that your selected theme properly exhibits what your business is about. Once all this work is done on the website, changing the theme is not easy, so take time in researching and selecting the right theme for your website.

Social Sharing

Social media is an important part of your website. There are several plugin options that are for the social sharing that will let your visitors to easily share the content on your social pages. Make use of these plugins on you website but be certain that you are using the latest version.

These advices can help beginner WordPress users. If you follow these advices properly your website will be on the way to success. Choosing the right web hosting service provider is also quite essential for the WordPress beginners. So if you don’t select the right web hosting service provider then your website might face many interruptions. So it is highly recommended that when you do select one make sure you read their reviews first.






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