How to Find the Default IP Address of a Netgear Router

By | October 8, 2016

Router is one of the network devices and it works for sharing internet from modem. The users can enjoy the internet sharing with their mobiles phones, laptops and other computers. The users should buy a branded router and modem to get more reliable internet services. Actually now router is turning into a necessary network device for every home network user. The Netgear is a popular brand name of router and it provides a quality internet sharing service. Every network device has separate default ip address which is very essential to access the settings of network device. The router device also has default ip address so users must know the public and default ip addresses to avoid issues. The netgear router is now getting popular due to its reliability and wide range internet sharing benefits.

netgear router ip address

Steps to Find the Default IP Address of Netgear Router       

Finding default gateway ip address is a simple task that can be done by some advanced software tools. It is also possible by manual steps that are also pretty easy so users don’t need any worry about ip address of router.

  • The users have to Open a computer and click the button of start
  • They should type cmd in the text or search box
  • Then users can view the command prompt window
  • They have to feed ‘ipconfig’ on the command prompt
  • Then users can get many results including default ip address
  • The netgear router default ip address should be

These simple steps are highly enough to know the default gateway address of router. Actually default ip address can be varied as per the brand of routers. The users should keep this address secretly otherwise they have to face many issues. The default internet protocol address is a gateway to access its settings so people should follow many instructions while accessing the settings of router. Actually ip address is very essential when people go for change configuration, password and other important accesses. The users can simply solve common wifi issues by default gateway ip address access. The users should know about how to use default ip address and it is enough to control the router very simply. They have to realize the importance of default internet protocol address otherwise they can’t maintain routers securely.

How to Access Router’s Settings           

Ip address is a key to access internet and it is allocated for each and every computer and other modem and router. The public ip address can be viewed by everybody but users must keep private ip address safely to avoid internet misuse. The ip address is common for all Netgear routers so users should use it when they want to access the settings of router. The users have to follow some step by step procedures to visit settings page of router. Initially users should disconnect the modem device from router and computer devices. The modem disconnect is only for safety purpose. The users have to connect the computer and router with reliable cable. They have to open a web browser and just feed on it to directly access the settings page of netgear router. The users can able to make any changes in the setting while after enter into settings page. The users can make password settings in which users secure the wifi connection with avoiding unauthorized access.

Why Router’s Default IP Address is Important

Everyone now loves to use internet to get many features but they should have proper internet connection. The router is an additional device which helps home network users to access same network by many devices. The router can be a right option to share internet within a home or office atmosphere. The users should protect the router with strong password connection that could stop the internet theft issues. The default gateway ip address is a single gateway for every access of settings. The users can see the default ip address in the purchase list of router. They can also able to find the exact default ip address by using manual steps and software tools. The users should not use internet while change the router settings for avoid loses.

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