Common features to look for in a spying application

By | April 19, 2016
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With so many fancy features being offered by spying applications today, customers usually get confused about which features to look out for and which features to ignore when going to buy spying software. Not every feature that is bei9ng offered will be of any use for you therefore it is important that you initially make a list of all your needs and wants and then adequately search for the features that fit this list. However, after thoroughly analyzing many customer reviews, our team of analysts has generated a list of common features that are a must to have when you go to buy a spying application.

Multimedia extraction

Any spying application like; TheOneSpy App that is unable to adequately extract multimedia from any gadgets that it has been downloaded on is not worth spending money on. While text messages and emails can be encrypted, pictures and videos can never lie. Whether you are buying a spying application to keep an eye on your children, spouses or employees, in either case you need a strong monitoring application that can extract various multimedia from their gadgets and save it on to an online cloud. Think of this as hard evidence that is essential especially when you are building a case.

Tracking location

This feature works well especially in the cases of teenagers and allegedly cheating spouses. Some may also use it for employees that are in the courier services. In either case, the need for tracking locations has phenomenally increased in the past few years. Working parents are now less worried about their children’s whereabouts since they can remotely check on their location at any time. They can also save some location markers that will send you notifications accordingly in-case your kid leaves the specified region. With online GPS features, now tracking locations has become very easy and works very well with courier services especially when you want to track your order.

Downloading web histories

While employees and children can be smart at deleting web histories, with a monitoring application everything surfed on the internet is automatically copied on an online cloud. This means, even if the web histories get deleted from the laptops, tablets or cell phones, they can still be accessed by the monitoring application’s owner over an online cloud. In case of children this feature works specifically well, as parents can keep an eye out on their recent interests. With employees, employers can check whether the office server is being misused or not.

Monitoring social media and Email

Social media has become the latest hub for teenagers to connect and share important life events and personal details with the rest of the world. However, what these teenagers don’t really understand is that sharing too much information can become harmful as this information can be misused and exploited if gotten in the wrong hands. Therefore, with monitoring applications, parents don’t have to worry about this anymore as the application allows parents to easily access their kids’ social media sites and see what they are up to and then guide them accordingly.

In case of Emails, employers can check for any important information that maybe leaked from the company. By keeping track of the emails that are received and sent out, employers can protect their company’s important data.

Spying on calls and messages

Cheating spouses’ maybe texting and calling their lovers behind your back. And while they might think you don’t know, they are definitely mistaken. While that feeling in your gut maybe indicating that there is something fishy going on behind your back, to gather concrete evidence, spying applications can be used. Through these you can easily pin point any conversations that go on and for evidence sake gets saved on an online cloud as well. Now when you confront your cheating spouse, you can easily penalize them with concrete evidence which is also permissible in court in case you are looking for a divorce.


While you will most definitely be overwhelmed by the amount of spying applications found on the internet, it is always a good idea to be prepared and have your mind made up before you start surfing for the one that fits your needs perfectly. You can also take help from customer reviews as they tend to paint a pretty decent picture about various applications. However, this usually comes after you have shortlisted some monitoring applications already.

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